Canopy Awnings

Our high quality range of canopy awnings are custom made to any shape, colour and size. When you order your canopy, we can design it to your exact specifications and to the highest standards, perfectly designed for the Melbourne seasons. We have almost every option you can think of, to suit any building style, architecture and back yard landscaping environment.

Options of designs include patio, pyramid cabana, convex, concave, straight slope, entrance canopy, dome and elongated dome, and many more. No matter if it’s to suit a Melbourne or Sydney residential home, backyard, to match your pool, or even your commercial shop front, speak to the leaders in the industry, contact us today, or view our shop catalogue for inspiration.

Canopy Awnings are custom elegantly designed, and branded for a variety of uses. Whether for an entrance or patio canopy, Awnings By Design will design and manufacture the project to fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

What are the benefits of canopy awning?

A canopy awning is a freestanding awning that stands separate from your house, also meant to provide shade, enhance the beauty of your home, act as a storage area, and save energy costs.

A canopy awning protects against harmful UV sunlight rays and rain. In any season, you can trust the strength and tenacity of your canopy awning to protect you from snow in winter or sunlight during summer.

Furthermore, a canopy improves the general outlook of your outdoor or landscape environment. It adds a decorative touch and creates a relaxing mood for you and your guests. Canopies also help save on energy costs since you do not have to use electricity for your cooling system.

Why install a canopy with Awnings By Design?

Canopies from Awnings By Design come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colours. They are of high quality too. The best thing is that when you order a canopy from us, you are free to state your preferences, and we will deliver according to your descriptions and how you love it.

Our cost of installing a canopy is decent to ensure that you get a clean final result at an amazingly low price.

As quality is at the heart of all we do, installing a canopy with us will assure you of quality work. The designing options that we have will leave your landscape attractive; therefore, by choosing us, you choose value-addition to your space.

What are the benefits of canopy awning?

These come in handy when all you need is a place to relax and protect yourself from the sun or the rain. They are convenient for spaces around the beach or swimming pool area because of the portability factor and ease of installation.

Garden canopies can be used on the deck, patio, or yard. It has screened sides that help keep away flying or crawling bugs or insects. A garden canopy can be of great use when you are organising an outdoor dinner or a party.

These are probably the most popular and frequently seen canopies. They are larger than most canopies. When you have massive outdoor events with lots of guests, your best option is the event canopy. Weddings and birthdays are some of the events that make use of event canopies.

A carport canopy has various usage, among them, a portable garage that protects your vehicles from sunlight or harsh weather conditions. You can also store tools, building materials, and large equipment in a portable garage canopy.



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