Retractable Awnings

To cater to Melbourne’s unpredictable weather changes and strong winds, we have an extensive range of retractable awnings made in custom sizes for almost any outdoor space.

Our retractable range and folding arm awnings include awnings designs manufactured in Australia using the highest grade European parts. We also have motorised retractable options available.

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Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Did you know, a retractable awning will dramatically save on energy costs? Yes, it does so by reducing the heat index around your home or business, which requires cooling. Consequently, you will use less energy to cool your home on hot days and, thus, less cooling costs. These little savings can add up to extra cash, which can be used somewhere else.

A retractable awning is almost effortless to use once installed. Depending on what technology you choose for your retractable Awning, manual, motor, or controlled, you only need to wind a crank arm, press on the handheld control, or push a button for it to work automatically.

Additionally, retractable awnings last longer than other awning options because of the materials used to make them. They are manufactured from durable fabrics with UV stable thread to ensure extended-lasting and high-quality products.

Why install a retractable with Awnings By Design?

Consider installing a retractable awning with us to get the most out of your space. Our installation prices are economical and will not burden you financially. For many people, installing a retractable awning is sometimes scary, but with our company, we provide competitive installations rates.

Value for your money is something we also put in mind while installing a retractable shade. We ensure that you are getting the best retractable covers and quality service from our staff.

While installing a retractable awning, we also consider your outdoor look so that whatever we install in your garden adds décor effects to the overall outdoor environment. The color, position, and surrounding features are some of the things we look at to ensure a delightful result.

Global 2020 Retractable Awning

Can retractable awnings be used in the rain?

Absolutely yes! Retractable awnings are built to withstand any weather conditions. Regardless of whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy day, retractable Awning assures you of a protective shade.

A retractable is a type of Awning that protects you from the sun without having to change the structure of your home or business. It may be automatic or controlled with handheld control.



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